More than just a pretty exterior

The advantages of textile-reinforced building methods are particularly evident in façade construction: Component thicknesses can be reduced by as much as 80% by using textile reinforcement. Since the component thickness for curtain walls and sandwich façade panels is normally only determined in order to satisfy the concrete cover corrosion protection requirements in Eurocode 2, exterior construction elements must demonstrate a thickness of at least 80-100 mm. Since they will not corrode, glass or carbon reinforcements can be made thinner: And since concrete covers 10-15 mm deep are sufficient for transferring bonding stresses between the concrete and its reinforcement, building elements 20-30 mm thick are quite sufficient.


Lighter façades lead to even more advantages:

  • Reduction of transport costs
  • Increase in usable area and space available for rent
  • Reduction of concrete costs, especially in the case of architectural concrete
  • Smaller fixing systems
  • Lighter construction, which is especially important for façade restoration
  • 3D/free-form façades

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