Structural Engineering

Sustainably superior for the long term

Free and creative structures and a durability never seen before in concrete construction speak volumes for solidian’s textile reinforcements for the structural engineering market. With solidian, unsightly concrete spalling and corrosion damage will soon be a part of the past. The bridge structures in Albstadt-Lautlingen and Albstadt-Ebingen are convincing proof that solidian’s textile-reinforced structures can bring huge improvements in structural durability. Bridges are normally highly exposed to chloride (road salt), which is the main reason for the high degree of corrosion damage to existing reinforced concrete bridges and prestressed concrete bridges. Textile reinforcements offer solutions to this problem by reducing follow-up maintenance costs and making even highly-stressed structures much more durable.


Textile-reinforced concrete offers the structural engineering market a large variety of applications, such as

  • Light and durable textile-reinforced concrete bridges
  • Components with heavy exposure to chloride
  • Waterproof reinforced concrete elements
  • Tunnel construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Thin and light concrete pipes/sewer pipes
  • Pump sumps (prefabricated)

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