Leading the way with innovation and a wide range of services

solidian is the leading specialist in and supplier of textile reinforcements and textile-reinforced concrete construction. Technical support and comprehensive services round out what we have on offer. solidian entered the market during the fall of 2013 as a subsidiary of Groz-Beckert, an Albstadt-based company specialising in textile technology. This was preceded by years of intensive research and development along with the discovery of the market-changing potential of using textile fabrics in concrete construction. In close cooperation with research institutions and technical colleges like RWTH Aachen University and the Dresden University of Technology, we gathered the momentum necessary for making our technologies market-ready and putting them into practice early on. One of the many projects in which solidian’s construction professionals played a major role in now a world record: The longest textile-reinforced concrete bridge in the world is about 100 meters long and was inaugurated in Albstadt-Lautlingen, Germany in 2010. Since then, this landmark project has been showing the world well beyond our neighbourhood what is possible for construction with textile technology. In the meantime, we have completed a large number of projects, especially in the field of prefabricated concrete members, for our steadily growing group of customers.


In 2015, the largest sandwich façade ever produced using textile reinforcement was fabricated in Mannheim – this, too, with expertise and applications coming from solidian. At the heart of our technology is the individual textile reinforcement together with a variety of various impregnations. Our development and production is run like no other company in the market and our team works every day on growing our spectrum of products and services in a way that is in tune with the market and ready for the future.  

To grow our plaster mesh/ETICS product segment, we added a production facility in Karlovac, Croatia in 2014. solidian thus covers the entire range of textile reinforcements for civil and structural engineering applications and possesses enough production capacity for strong expansion in our steadily growing market. We keep a constant watch on developments in the overall textile construction market, thus playing a role in shaping the future of this highly dynamic field.

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