Comprehensive manufacturing expertise – comprehensive in-house production

All of the textile reinforcements made from woven and non-woven fabrics are fabricated by solidian itself. This allows us to ensure the high quality of our line of products and to accompany the finished product from its development all the way to the construction site. The production team at solidian brings expertise in the fields of construction methods, fibre-reinforced plastics and textile technology in a unique way. So it is fitting that our manufacturing process is highly vertically integrated: from textile fabrication to innovative impregnation methods and forming technologies through to the reinforcement of the textile.


We carry out every step of production in our own modern machine facilities, which are specifically equipped for our product segment. From textile fabrication to impregnation and on through forming, our civil engineers, synthetic materials experts as well as our textile and production specialists are monitoring every step in the process in order to ensure impeccable results.

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