Research & Development

We want to achieve more every day

Research and development in the textile reinforcement field is always the focal point of our daily work. We are partners in a variety of research projects with technical colleges and universities, and participate in ongoing exchanges with partners like C3 (Dresden University of Technology), HighTechMatBau (RWTH Aachen University) and others.  

Beyond that, we are using existing relationships like the partnership with our parent company, Groz-Beckert, where we participate in an exchange of knowledge with the experts on textile technology at the Technology and Development Centre (TEZ) and the Albstadt Association for Textile Technology Research (FTA), thus continuously optimising and advancing our products and offerings.


As we are actively involved in the use of textile reinforcements in load-bearing construction applications, we make every effort in the area of standards and approvals and are making plans for such well into the future. Since there are no existing standards for textile-reinforced concrete, we have applied for several general technical approvals, which are still in process at this time:

  • Sandwich elements
  • Prefabricated garages
  • Pedestrian bridges
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