solidian - the brand

What we stand for

“Leading in construction with non-metallic reinforcement” is the claim our brand makes and the motor that drives our team forward. At the same time, we maintain a sharp focus on the technology, its development and making a contribution to the sustainable and economical approach to building that is so close to our hearts.


Our basic values serve as the basis for how we interact with our business partners as well as with our staff. We maintain close ties with architects, civil engineers, developers, prefabricated concrete manufacturers and to the professional community as well as remaining open to the concerns of our business partners.


Our brand values

This is what solidian stands for

  • solidian drives innovation in every area of the textile-reinforced concrete market
  • solidian offers expert guidance on technical matters of all sorts.
  • solidian assures your technological and economical building success.
  • solidian generates comprehensive solutions extending well beyond its individual products.
  • solidian benefits from the experience of its highly qualified staff and the context of its enterprising environment.
  • solidian’s practical experience is tried and tested.
  • solidian is respectable in every sense of the word and proves itself worthy of the trust of its customers.

solidian – an overview of our products and services

Our range of products and services is based on an integrated approach to understanding the market and the processes, and adapting to make an active contribution to forward-looking requirements and trends in the construction industry.
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