The entire range of non-metallic concrete reinforcement products

As an innovative manufacturer, we develop and implement our very own comprehensive range of meshes for our textile reinforcements. This makes us independent, flexible and guarantees our customers an ideal textile reinforcement solution for every kind of application.


As the only manufacturer of every significant combination of materials for textile reinforcement available at this time, solidian can guarantee you ready availability along with the highest level of reliability. We are also happy to fulfil special customer requests for designs and materials that extend beyond our line of available products.



Dependably the best choice

With an integrated consulting approach that matches our complete range of products with your specific requirements, our technical office makes sure that you obtain the product solution that is the most economically sensible and technically beneficial for your project.


As a complement to our flat grid reinforcements, we also offer reinforcing bars, which are often a good solution for structured cross sections like T-beams. This is in addition to a tailor-made selection of the most essential accessories like spacing structures, short fibres and much more.

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