The counterpart to solidian’s textile reinforcements for concrete

We follow an integrated approach to textile-reinforced concrete construction. We therefore complement our line of products with an assortment of useful accessory items.


that we are continuously developing in order to meet the needs of both the market and our own customers.




The glass fiber fixing anchor „solidian L-connector“ - in combination with an interconnected system with plaster fabric and mortar -  is able to increase the horizontal strength and, thus, improve the resistance against earthquake damages of existing as well as new-build brickworks.

Approximately 5 holes of Ø16 mm have to be drilled into the brickwork. The surface has to be dust-free and free from loose parts. The drill-holes are filled with a special adhesive and, then, the solidian L-connectors are inserted. In the next step, the first layer of mortar is applied.
The mesh is hooked in the solidian L-connectors and pressed simultaneously into the fresh mortar. With the second layer of mortar, the system structure is finished.

Advantages of the solidian L-connector

  • Made of glass fibres, therefore corrosionfree
  • Improved bond properties due to sand coated surfaces
  • No material corrosion
  • High tensile-strength
  • Resistant to weather influences


The solidian L-connector is available in different lengths:
200 ± 5 mm, 300 ± 5 mm, 380 ± 5 mm, 500 ± 5 mm, 600 ± 5 mm, 700 ± 5 mm


Please, find further characteristic data in the following Technical Data Sheet. 




Concrete reinforcement fibres

Short fibres can be used to improve concrete’s initial resistance to cracking as well as providing a useful complement to solidian’s non-metallic reinforcements.

Fibre length Packaging
12 mm in paper sacks, 600 g and 900 g
18 mm in paper sacks, 600 g and 900 g
Fibre length Packaging
12 mm Sacks, 20 kg
6 mm Sacks, 20 kg

PVC corner profiles

Corner profiles protect building corners and their integrated mesh is perfect for closing plaster mesh.

Length (m) Width (cm)
2.5 10 x 15
2.5 8 x 12
Length (m) Width (cm)
2.5 10 x 15
Length (m) Width (mm)
2.5 6
2.5 9

Galvanised profiles

Galvanised profiles protect building corners and provide ideal assistance with plaster application.

Length (m) Width (mm)
2.5 / 2.75 / 3.0 36 x 36
2.5 / 2.75 / 3.0 50 x 50
Length (m) Width (mm)
2.6 6
2.6 10

Aluminium profiles

Aluminium profiles protect building corners and provide ideal assistance with plaster application.

Length (m) Height (cm)
2.5 5
2.5 6
2.5 8
2.5 10
2.5 12
2.5 14
2.5 15
Length (m) Height (mm)
2.5 23 x 23

Dowels and spacers

Depending on the concrete application method, the use of spacers can be essential for ensuring the proper installation of building elements. solidian’s spacers are ideal for sophisticated architectural designs using exposed concrete. The spacers’ minimal contact area ensures that no irregularities occur on the exposed concrete.

Size A x B (mm) Packaging (items/box)
10 x 90 250
10 x 110 250
10 x 120 250
10 x 140 250
10 x 160 250

Here, the consistent expansion of our range of products includes not only carbon fibre and fibreglass reinforcements, but also the appropriate accessories. With the new spacers for close-meshed products, we now simplify their use for high-quality, filigree exposed concrete, e.g. for curtain walls, for which a particularly perfect concrete surface and look is required.

  • Special spacers for solidian reinforcements
  • Aperture widths for 38 mm / 21 mm meshes
  • Spacing lengths of between 0 mm and 25 mm
  • Ideal for perfectly matching the desired concrete covering in each case
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