Bar Reinforcement

Bar reinforcement - solidian REBAR

High-performance basalt, glass, and carbon fibre reinforcement

solidian offers bar reinforcement made from AR-glass, ECR-glass, basalt and carbon fibres with diameters of up to 12 mm. They are ideal for use in bridge construction, maritime applications, as well as for mining and tunnels projects – wherever structures are exposed to powerful stresses and constantly aggressive environments. solidan bar reinforcements are manufactured using a method called pultrusion. They ensure a requirement-specific reinforcement, in that they increase the high-performing properties of these non-corroding reinforcements even further. During production, the fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) made from AR-glass, ECRglass, basalt and carbon are brought together in a special resin bath and are therefore particularly robust.


The advantages of using solidian REBAR: 

  • Corrosion-resistant: thinner concrete coating, longer
    service life, lower refurbishment costs
  • High tensile strength: lower overall construction costs
  • Electrically insulating
  • Non-magnetic
  • Sustainable and resource-saving: fewer construction materials are required and the service life is increased
  • Easily workable
  • Heat-insulating
  • Chemically-resistant
  • Chloride-resistant

solidian’s line of bar reinforcement products

    Fiber core Fiber fin
solidian REBAR Ø4-BBE   Basalt Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø6-BBE   Basalt Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø8-BBE   Basalt Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø10-BBE   Basalt Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø12-BBE   Basalt Basalt
    Fiber core Fiber fin
solidian REBAR Ø4-RBE   ECR-glass Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø6-RBE   ECR-glass Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø8-RBE   ECR-glass Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø10-RBE   ECR-glass Basalt
solidian REBAR Ø12-RBE   ECR-glass Basalt
    Fiber core Fiber fin
solidian REBAR Ø4-CCE   Carbon Carbon
solidian REBAR Ø6-CCE   Carbon Carbon
solidian REBAR Ø8-CCE   Carbon Carbon
solidian REBAR Ø10-CCE   Carbon Carbon
solidian REBAR Ø12-CCE   Carbon Carbon
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