Bar Reinforcement

High-performance glass fibre reinforcements

solidian offers bar glass fibre reinforcements in diameters up to 12 mm. These are ideal for bridge construction, maritime applications as well as mining and tunnel projects - wherever structures are exposed to powerful stresses and constantly aggressive environments.


Solidian bar reinforcements are produced using a method called pultrusion, which both satisfies application-specific requirements for reinforcement and further improves the high-performance properties of these non-corroding materials. In this process, fibre-reinforced polymers (FRP) made from AR glass (GFK) are impregnated in a special resin bath. Their large diameter also makes them particularly robust.


solidian’s line of bar reinforcement products

solidian REBAR Ø4-B  
solidian REBAR Ø6-B  
solidian REBAR Ø8-B  
solidian REBAR Ø10-B  
solidian REBAR Ø12-B  
solidian REBAR Ø4-A  
solidian REBAR Ø6-A  
solidian REBAR Ø8-A  
solidian REBAR Ø10-A  
solidian REBAR Ø12-A  
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