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Service and safety with textile-reinforced concrete

solidian does not stand just for an excellent range of products for every application in the non-corroding reinforcement and textile-reinforced concrete market. We also offer comprehensive technical support for every kind of textile reinforcement application. As part of this effort, we accompany our customers all the way from the idea or initial feasibility study request through to the completed element or project and make sure that our innovative glass and carbon reinforcement technologies are a success for you. We also provide support with the entire official building approval process and accomplish administrative tasks like permit applications and meetings with the authorities.


Our customers and partners have come to appreciate our expertise in every area of the textile-reinforced construction industry as well as our comprehensive suite of services, both of which play a key role in the success of your textile-reinforcement applications as well as contributing to building safety and quality. The team of experts from solidian offer the perfect partnership, especially if you are planning or building with textile-reinforced concrete for the first time: Our service and expertise will not leave you after the sale is made. We will advise and guide you in the field at your prefabricated concrete facility or building site and provide you with assistance whenever you need it.


Comprehensive support

Our competent and experienced experts will be at your service during every phase of your textile reinforcement-related project:

Application consulting

  • Are textile reinforcements right for your element or project?
  • Which materials can best achieve the desired characteristics?
  • Which advantages does using glass reinforcement offer compared to carbon reinforcement?
  • What are the economic, environmental and sustainability benefits for you and your customers from using textile-reinforced concrete?
  • How can textile reinforcements be used for renovation and repair?

Static analyses:

We provide you with project support in the form of static analyses beginning with preliminary design and continuing all the way to official review, thus ensuring that you have valid, high-quality data for selecting the proper textile reinforcement solution.


solidian experts on-site and at your side

We also provide you with direct and comprehensive support for your textile-reinforced concrete projects. As part of this effort, we offer practical assistance and help you get to know what is likely a new and unfamiliar material. We make sure that you see the immediate benefits of our light-weight and easy to handle reinforcement materials, which enhance the cost-effectiveness of prefabricated concrete facilities and building sites alike.

Customer-oriented innovation and development

Together with our customers, we develop proven and innovative application-specific and construction-oriented solutions using carbon, AR glass and basalt. Due to our ongoing exchange with prefabricated concrete manufacturers, developers, planners, architects, construction companies and product developers, we at solidian have assembled extensive technical expertise and market knowledge, which helps in carrying our technology forward and consistently creating new opportunities.

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