Application Consulting

Extensive experience makes for sound advice

There are many arguments in favour of using textile reinforcements for concrete building projects. At the outset of every project and enquiry, we analyse the ways in which architects, developers and concrete builders might most benefit from the advantages of our products and services.


In the process, we verify whether textile-reinforced concrete is the right alternative for you, and provide objective and goal-oriented advice. Beginning with the initial concept, we carry out informative feasibility studies and, after the proper material has been selected, elaborate on them with verifiable static analyses.


The right combination of materials

Thanks to our comprehensive array of products, which includes every relevant combination of materials (AR glass or carbon with styrol butadiene or epoxy resin impregnation) you can be sure of finding the ideal solution for any kind of project from our unique offering of options.

In addition to technical factors, economic considerations also play a major role in selecting the right product for your project. Beyond our line of textile products, solidian also offers bar reinforcement applications, one way in which we match our comprehensive consulting service with our products and manufacturing.


Support based on practical experience

Regardless of whether you are using solidian products for new construction, façades or for repair or rehabilitation projects, our consulting services do not end with technical advice: Instead, solidian guides its customers through the entire approval process. solidian’s construction experts are continually working to obtain general technical approvals for textile reinforcements, but you as a customer can also rely on us for help with the issuance of one-time approvals as well as assistance with regulatory issues of any kind. Our knowledgeable staff will take care of the application process, accompany you on visits to the authorities and help with administrative tasks related to textile-reinforced construction.

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