Test Laboratory

Laboratory-tested applications for the highest quality in textile-reinforced concrete

Our well-equipped concrete laboratory enables us to carry out a large variety of preliminary product testing procedures. We can, for example, perform simple and uncomplicated tests in order to obtain informative test results from test bodies like beams or panels. Based on material properties requirements like cube compressive strength or flexural strength, we also carry out standard tests in our own laboratory.


We also use our extensive experience to develop and optimise concrete recipes precisely designed for our customers’ textile-reinforced concrete elements. We document every process and testing procedure using verifiable and reliable methods and are happy to provide our customers with the results on request.


Example: Shear strength of a textile-reinforced concrete beam


see Kulas, Christian (2013), Zum Tragverhalten getränkter textiler Bewehrungselemente für Betonbauteile (“On the load-bearing behaviour of impregnated textile reinforcements for concrete building elements”)

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