Delivery and payment terms for solidian GmbH

  1. Scope of application
    These delivery and payment terms apply to all business transactions with the buyer, even if no reference is made to them in later transactions. We hereby expressly object to the buyer’s conditions of purchase, if any. These shall not become part of the contract unless we have consented thereto in writing; our acceptance of an order, or delivery by us, shall not constitute a consent. These delivery and payment terms do not apply to private consumers.

  2. Conclusion of the contract, characteristics of the goods
    Our offers are not binding. Contracts will only be made through our written order confirmation, which shall determine the terms of the contract. If we do not confirm an order, the delivery contract is deemed to have been made upon delivery by us.
    Descriptions and illustrations of our products shall only be looked upon as approximations. We reserve the right to make alterations to our products prior to delivery, in particular technical changes made in the course of our regular updating of products, which, however, may not unreasonably prejudice the interests of the buyer.

  3. Exclusion of cancellation and return deliveries
    The cancellation or amendment of contracts, once concluded, shall require our express consent. The return of delivered goods requires our prior written consent.

  4. Passage of risk, transport
    Delivery shall be made ex works or ex warehouse. Risk shall pass to the buyer as soon as we have handed the goods over to the carrier, however, at the latest when they leave the works or the warehouse. We are entitled but in no case, including deliveries abroad, obligated to take out transport insurance. If the goods are damaged or lost in transit, the buyer must promptly have the forwarding agent draw up a report of the circumstances. Unless the buyer gives written instructions to the contrary, it shall be for us to decide on the means of transport, the transport route and the transport insurance, without being responsible for choosing the quickest or cheapest possibility.

  5. Part deliveries
    We are entitled to execute orders in part deliveries, which shall be treated as independent deliveries and which must be paid for separately within the payment terms named in sec. 8 If payment for a part delivery is delayed, we can suspend execution of the remainder of the order.

  6. Delivery period
    The delivery period is agreed to individually and is indicated on the order confirmation. If this is not the case, the delivery period is about 4 calendar weeks as of the date of our order confirmation. The delivery period commences on the date of our order confirmation, however not before all the details of the order have been clarified, in particular not before the buyer has furnished all the documents, permits and releases required, and not before receipt of an agreed down payment. The delivery period is met if, by the time at which it lapses, the goods have been shipped or notification has been given that they are ready for shipment.
    If delivery is made impracticable by force majeure, then the delivery date will be extended automatically by the time of the event constituting force majeure, plus an appropriate start-up period. Unforeseeable circumstances which make delivery unreasonably difficult or impossible for us, such as delays in delivery by suppliers, labour disputes, acts of authority, raw material or energy shortages, plant and transport interruptions of all kinds, etc., shall have the same effects as force majeure. If these circumstances last more than four months, we have the right to rescind the contract. At the buyer’s request, we shall state whether we wish to do the latter or to deliver the goods within a reasonable period of time to be determined by us.
    If we are responsible for exceeding a delivery deadline, we shall nevertheless not be in default before the buyer has granted us an additional period of at least 2 calendar weeks and this period lapses without avail. Following this the buyer may rescind the contract. Claims for damages are restricted to 5% of the value of the outstanding shipment, however at least to the typical foreseeable damage.

  7. Price
    The buyer must pay the list price currently valid on the day of the order confirmation, unless otherwise agreed in individual cases. If the delivery period is longer than 4 months starting on the date of our order confirmation, we can charge the list price valid on the delivery date. The buyer is entitled to rescind the contract within 14 days after receiving notice of the price increase. To exercise this right, the buyer has to inform us in writing. Our prices are in EURO and, as the case may be, ex works or ex warehouse.
    Prices shall be calculated according to such quantity or such weight, respectively, as is determined by us. The buyer may nevertheless show that the quantity or weight determined by us is wrong. Value added tax and shipping costs, in particular freight, transport insurance, customs duties as well as packing charges shall be borne by the buyer, even if they are not itemized separately.

  8. Payment
    Unless the contrary is agreed upon in writing, our invoices are payable net within 30 days from the invoice date. Payments will always settle the oldest invoice. We are not obliged to accept bills of exchange. If we accept means of payment other than cash or transfer, these will only be accepted on account of performance. All payments must be effected free of charges for us. Bank charges, discount charges and collection charges shall be borne by the buyer, even without express agreement to this effect. If the net payment date has expired, we are entitled to charge interest at a rate of 8% over the basic rate of interest of the European Central Bank at the latest from the 31st day after receipt of the invoice or similar payment demand.
    If, after conclusion of the contract, the buyer’s financial situation is materially impaired, or if any earlier impairment does not become known to us until after conclusion of the contract, we are entitled to request either advance payment or the grant of a proper security interest, whichever we wish. If this request is not met, we have the right after expiry of a reasonable period of grace to withhold performance of the contract. The buyer cannot offset a counter-claim which is disputed by us and which has not become res judicata, nor may he, in respect of such a counter-claim, exercise any right of retention.
    Payments made to our representatives or employees shall only be effective if a written authority to collect is submitted.

  9. Special Productions
    Where products are manufactured by us according to the buyer’s requirements, specifications, etc., the buyer shall bear sole responsibility for the correctness of the said requirements and specifications. He shall indemnify us against all claims made against us, or against a firm called upon by us, on the basis of industrial property rights or copyrights.
    With products made to order, delivery quantities which deviate by + or - 10% from the quantity agreed shall be deemed to conform to the contract. Our purchase price claim shall increase or decrease accordingly. The details or these orders must be agreed separately.

  10. Reservation of ownership
    The goods delivered will remain our property until the buyer has paid all claims which we have against him now and in the future.
    The buyer may in the ordinary course of business process sell the goods to which we retain title unless he is in default with or has discontinued payments. It is hereby agreed that a co-ownership share of the new goods resulting from the processing of goods to which we retain title will be conceded to us in the value of our reserved goods in proportion to the value of the other processed objects. The buyer will safeguard the new objects created as a result of such sale for us. The same applies if the buyer combines, connects or incorporates the goods to which we retain title with other objects.
    The buyer may in the ordinary course of business sell the goods to which we retain title unless he is in default with or has discontinued payments. He may not pledge, nor create, any security interests in the goods. A sale of goods abroad is only permitted with our prior consent. If the buyer sells any of the goods to which we retain title, then he here and now, and until such time as all our claims against him have been paid, assigns to us his rights against him customers from the sales, together with all ancillary rights, security interests and reservations of title. We may demand that the buyer notify his purchasers of the cession and provide us with all information and materials necessary for collection. However, the buyer may collect the debts receivable assigned to us, unless he is in default or has discontinued payments. If the buyer’s receipts from the further sale of the goods to which we retain title are deposited into a current account, then he hereby transfers his payment entitlement from the respective and/or acknowledged balance to us, and in the amount of the receipts obtained from the further sale of the goods to which we retain title. If we are only entitled to a co-ownership of the goods sold, then the above-named transfer will apply only to the value of our co-ownership. If goods to which we retain title or to which we claim co-ownership are sold together with other goods for an overall price, then the above-named transfer will apply only to the value of the receipts from the goods to which we retain title or the value of our co-ownership.
    If the value of the goods to which we retain title together with all other security interests conferred on us exceeds our claims against the buyer by more than 20%, then we are, upon his request, obliged to release this amount.
    If the buyer is in default or stops making payments, we have the right to demand the restitution of the goods to which we retain title. Withdrawal from this contract takes place only when have expressly declared such in writing.

  11. Defects
    We are only liable for defects in our goods if the buyer notifies us in writing thereof without delay, at the latest 10 days after the receipt of the goods. We are not liable for defects that are not notified within the deadlines mentioned above.
    Our liability is either limited to the removal of defects or to a free of cost replacement of defective goods. Upon request, the defective goods or a sample thereof are to be sent to us first for examination. If it not possible to deliver defect-free replacements, if we refuse to perform or if there are special circumstances which, after taking both parties’ mutual interests into consideration, justify the immediate enforcement of further legal remedies, or if a reasonable deadline set by the buyer for improvement has expired without result, the buyer is then entitled to rescind the contract or demand a reduction of the price.
    Any warranty claim by the buyer in regard to defects of quality is subject to a period of limitation of 1 year. The time limitation starts upon delivery of the goods.

  12. Claims for damages
    Claims by the buyer for damages resulting from a breach of duty, from tort or for other reasons are excluded unless this is based on intent, gross negligence injury of a primary fulfilment obligation, the acceptance of a purchasing risk or a guarantee claim or if we are liable in accordance with the provisions of the Product Liability Law or we are responsible for culpable damage which resulted in the loss of life, personal injury or damage to health. In all cases claims for damage are restricted to typical foreseeable damage.
    In case solidian’s liability is excluded or limited in accordance with this provision, the liability of any solidian employee, representative and fellow servant is also excluded or limited.

  13. Applicable law, place of performance, legal venue
    The legal relations between the buyer and ourselves shall be governed exclusively by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The place of performance for both contracting parties is Albstadt.
    Albstadt is the sole place of jurisdiction for disputes as long as the buyer is a businessperson, legal entity under public law, a separate fund under public law or has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany. Alternatively, we have the right to file a suit at the buyer’s principal place of business or seat.

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