Textile-reinforced concrete is opening up new avenues for design

Delicate construction with free-form shapes - the advent of textile reinforcements has made creativity in concrete architecture easier than ever before. Since solidian reinforcements made with carbon or AR glass do not corrode, a thick concrete layer is not necessary. Mere millimetres are enough to allow tensions of over 3.000 N/mm² to be transmitted into the concrete. Architecturally sophisticated building projects and free-form designs never before feasible with concrete are now possible.


solidian reinforcements in 2D, 3D or bar form are made with a technologically innovative process in which we use special forming tools to manufacture completely custom solutions. A tried, tested and practice-proven range of standard reinforcement products is also available: angles, U-shaped, double-T shaped and spacer structures as well as free-form reinforcements in a variety of designs.


Delicate construction with carbon reinforcements or glass reinforcements


Free and creative shapes in concrete are now possible thanks to textile reinforcement.


solidian offers textile reinforcements in many standard profiles


L-shaped, U-shaped, cylindrical and rectangular cross-section profiles can easily be made with textile-reinforced concrete.


Even furniture items can be realised with textile-reinforced concrete


Product design with textile-reinforced concrete Creative furnishings for interior and exterior areas


Concrete shell structures


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Further information:
db - deutsche bauzeitung, October 2015, "Hauchdünn” (“Razor-thin”)

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