Textile-reinforced concrete brings lightness to concrete construction

Lightweight construction is also possible with concrete. While steel-reinforced prefabricated elements are cumbersome and logistically cost-prohibitive, concrete reinforced with carbon and AR glass offers a light and uncomplicated alternative.


Functionally unnecessary extra weight is no longer a part of the building, nor are many of follow-up costs that go along with it.


Facades can be made about 70-80 mm thinner and up to 80% lighter.


Pre-fabricated garages can be made about 35% lighter.

Much lighter and more economical: precast concrete elements with textile-reinforced concrete.

Light and durable textile-reinforced concrete bridges

Textile-reinforcement has the same load-bearing capacity as steel-reinforcement with greater durability, thus making pedestrian and bicycle path bridges up to 60% lighter.
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