Filigree balustrades made of carbon concrete

The retirement center "New Gehren" in Erlenbach (Switzerland) is currently under construction. The center comprises approx. 5,500 m² usable space for independent and assisted living. It represents a contemporary, sustainable and energetically optimized retirement center for residents and visitors. The balustrade elements were made of architectural concrete, reinforced with a solidian GRID carbon fiber reinforcement. The elements have different dimensions (maximum 2.3 mx 3.4 m) and different surface structures. They characterize the personality of the entire building complex. They convince with an extremely thin plate thickness, which was possible through the use of corrosion-free carbon reinforcement. The elements are filigree and at the same time inherently stable. They fulfill the aspired concept of architects to build sustainably, resource-conserving and durable without losing the demand on architectural design.




Building contractor:Gemeinde Erlenbach ZH
Architect:Graber Pulver Architekten AG, CH
Precast factory:Sulser AG
Dimensins of elements:2,30 m x 3,40 m
Quantity:approx. 170
Reinforcement:solidian GRID Q85/85-CCE-21


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