New pedestrian and cycle bridge for Ottenhöfen

The expansion of the cycle path in the Achertal is now almost complete. As part of the "cycle path project", between the communities of Ottenhöfen and Seebach, the original bridge over the Acher was renewed. The main focus of the bridge is on the 10 cm thick carbon concrete slabs, which are supported on a steel substructure. Due to the innovative reinforcement material "Carbon" a coating could be renounced. The carbon concrete slabs are directly dri drivable and have a service load for vehicles up to 16 tons.

The original challenge for the planner was the service load up to 16 tons. Based on this challenge they could not use the GFK (glass fibre reinforced plastic) planks. Despite these high requirements, the superstructure should be still slight and light. The solidian GRID Q142/142-CCE-38 (CFRP reinforcement ) could solved these problems. Due to the considered service load of 16 tons, the bridge can be used in winter by clearing vehicles and in case of need as an alternative road between Ottenhöfen and Seebach.

The planning office as well as the client are convinced of the innovative building material carbon concrete. In addition to the slimness of this design, the customer profits from low maintenance costs. For the carbon concrete slabs an approval in individual cases (ZiE) was obtained. The solidian team provided the customer with support and advice.        




Total length:14 m
Width:3,00 m
Thickness of the concrete slab:100 mm
Service load:16 t
Material:solidian GRID Q142/142-CCE-38


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